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        Year-end monograph: See the red dress wrappedplainsunny days (I)
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        Da Yin put on his new Boston thin down trousers, but a burst of melancholy poured into his heart.——
        This year, TM has dealt with it like this!
        It is:
        Jiazi is a man of many times today, but his career is full of self-pity.
        Attentive yen and yen, and next year at noon.
        A wisp of feeling does not prevent the blowout season of this climax from getting into a better place: various merit appreciation conferences, red scarf parties and annual festivals, bustling, one after another.
        In my mind, I think of Wang Wei's poems of the Tang Dynasty: Nine days when the palace is opened, the clothes of all nations worship the crown.
        However, behind the flourishing age of singing and dancing, it is difficult to hide the knife sharpening and poor daggers of large waterproof enterprises.
        If you have wine, listen to Dayin's jokes for a few minutes.
        Before the joke, a poster should be posted.
        Warmly celebrate:
        The average single reading of the public number "Dayin Shui" has broken through the 10,000 mark for the first time.
        The average number of clicks per article is more than 10,000, which is undoubtedly a miracle number for public number reading in the professional field.
        Here, we thank the broad masses of the people for their love and support. Dayin is determined to advance bravely and strive for greater achievements under the guidance of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era.
        Keshun: Will follow through to the end
        On December 13, the board of directors of Keshun Waterproofing Technology Co., Ltd. issued a notice on the establishment of a holding subsidiary by overseas investment, claiming that it intends to set up a holding subsidiary "Shenzhen Qianhai Platinum Shield New Materials Co., Ltd" (tentative name) by jointly investing 99 million yuan with its own capital.
        As soon as the news came out, a securities company building materials analyst and fund manager contacted Dayin and asked how to evaluate it.
        Keshun belongs to a stable enterprise. From the beginning of its business, Keshun implements a follow-up strategy.
        In Taiwanese enterprises, there is a saying of "second-year philosophy": to be second-year behind the first, aiming at opportunities and then sprinting to the first. This strategy works well in China. Look at the road you open, the wind blocked by you, slightly slack slip, I will take the opportunity to surpass.
        Dali Food once followed Wahaha for 30 years. On the new Forbes Rich List in 2018, Dali Food's Xu Shihui family, with 62.79 billion people, surpassed Zong Qinghou's family by 58.65 billion yuan and became the richest leisure food industry in China.
        Keshun and Zhuobao can be regarded as the two heroes in South China. Keshun's growth should be said to be due to the following of Zhuobao in Shenzhen for seventeen or eighteen years. From product differentiation, channel strategy and brand building, this twin brotherhood makes both enterprises dare not slack off and achieve each other. The same examples are Hongyuan and Yuhong in Shandong Province, Yuwang and Dayu in Liaoning Province.
        Zhuobao twice suffered setbacks in the IPO, Keshun successfully landed on the GEM on January 16, 2018, thus completing the final surpass.
        Of course, in the latter part of the 18-year follow-up journey, another goal of Keshun is the Oriental Rainbow ahead.
        If the launch of ELOKT brand into the building materials retail field can be understood as the first step to follow the Oriental Rainbow, then, this announcement into the paint field, can it also be regarded as the second step to follow?
        The masses will ask, Keshun into the paint industry, what is the winning chance?
        First, let's look at its market positioning.
        The three natural shareholders in Keshun New Company are all from HEMPEL (China) Co., Ltd.
        The company, formerly Haihong Old Man Paint (China) Co., Ltd., is a wholly owned subsidiary of HEMPEL Group of Denmark. As early as the 1950s, Haihong Old People's Paint entered the Chinese market and was used in the painting of ocean-going ships. After more than half a century of intensive cultivation, Haihong Old Man has been active in the fields of ship paint, industrial protective paint, container paint, architectural decorative paint, road marking paint and so on. He is regarded as one of the leading brands of industrial paint in the Chinese market, with a revenue of about 3 billion yuan.
        It is speculated that Keshun will focus on the field of anticorrosive coatings (ship paint, industrial protective paint, container paint) which Haihong is good at, so as to give full play to the professional advantages, experience advantages and customer resources advantages of the three talents.
        This with the Oriental Rainbow focusing on the battlefield of architectural paint can be said to be two blossoms.
        Secondly, we will look at the angle of its entry.
        From the experience of the three persons, they have the following common characteristics:
        Age 38 years old (average 40.7 years old, in the golden period of career); working years in Haihong elderly are more than 14 years; experience of major account manager.
        Generally speaking, a company can adhere to the backbone of more than 14 years, generally has four characteristics: outstanding quality of the industry; created considerable performance; mastered imaginable customer resources; and had a profound understanding of the industry competition priorities.
        Keshun enters the field of industrial coatings by introducing talents, which has won the recognition of some people in the field of coatings. It believes that Keshun focuses on and aims at big customers and acts "very pragmatic".
        Surprisingly, the market seems not enthusiastic about Keshun's investment behavior.
        On that day, building materials stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets rose 2.72%, while Keshun shares closed at 9.75 yuan per share, an increase of only 1.56%, far below the average; at the same time, Dongfang Rainbow shares closed at 14.15 yuan per share, up 7.89%.
        The market is used to voting by foot, you have a good announcement there, but the stock on my side has risen sharply. It seems that something is wrong...
        In fact, there is logic in it.
        First, the probability of success of diversification is low.
        In the case of the changing pattern of waterproofing main industry and its own foundation to be strengthened, it is easy to rush to attack other fields and to be tight at both ends.

        There is a hobby of "killing" in any field, which is like a dead prison. After a long time without any entertainment, a new comrade is thrown in, from a prison bully to a horse.

        Instantly, there was a great deal of interest...
        Secondly, the scenery elsewhere is also general.
        In the field of container paint, although more than 90% of the world's containers are produced in China, due to the relative concentration of customers and low bargaining power, there are also considerable brand thresholds.
        Ship paint is periodically affected by the shipbuilding industry, and the market fluctuates greatly. At present, the global shipbuilding industry (including China) has a serious overcapacity. The number of ships can not only meet the demand for goods, but also make a large surplus. The volume of orders received by Chinese shipbuilding enterprises has dropped sharply from 59% of the world's share at its peak in 2016 to about 35% at present.
        Several years ago, the field of heavy-duty anticorrosive coatings has entered the stage of homogenization competition, and price wars occur occasionally.
        New brands will face multiple tortures of quality, service and performance. Everything is difficult at the beginning, in the middle and in the end.
        (Guess: Maybe the next step is to acquire a brand of non-sluggish industrial coatings?)
        Thirdly, what are the key points of the new industry game?
        As long as they are willing to spend a lot of money, marketing talents are always well caught up. The difficulty of industrial paint market game lies in strategy, brand building, industrial paint technology and resource organization ability.
        Oriental Rainbow in the paint field, seems to be somewhat confused and hesitant, one foot to follow the throttle, is there some blindness?
        According to rumors, Keshun is negotiating the acquisition of a non-woven enterprise. If it is true, it is the third step to follow the new goal, obviously to "follow" through.
        Tianding Feng has almost become the world's largest non-woven manufacturer, and is making a countdown sprint to the IPO. The target rocket is about to take off, and this kind of follow seems somewhat slow.
        Of course, it is not entirely unfavorable: the diversification of large enterprises may be a good opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises.
        Three Trees: Listen to the sounds of the floor for a long time, and finally see people come down
        From April 7 to 8, Keshun was in the east. The first working meeting of president of China Building Waterproofing Association was held in Shunde in 2018.
        During the meeting, it was rumored that on many issues, the big brothers had a hundred schools of thought contending and a hundred flowers blooming.
        The only tacit understanding was that everyone laughed at the fact that the three trees were about to enter the waterproofing industry.
        Maybe it was doomed to have a relationship with Keshun. On December 12, the board of directors of Sankeshu Coatings issued a notice announcing that it planned to sign a framework agreement with Dayu leak-proof shareholders, purchasing 70% of Dayu leak-proof stock in cash, and the transaction price was tentatively set at 207 million yuan.
        Guangzhou Dayu, a well-known enterprise, has gained a great reputation.
        When the news spread, many people in the waterproof industry laughed again.
        Many melon eaters will ask: What is the relationship between Guangzhou Dayu and Northeast Dayu?
        Answer: It doesn't matter, just looking across the river and lake.
        Melon eaters asked: What is the relationship between Dayu leakage prevention and Dayu Jiuding New Materials Technology Co., Ltd?
        Answer: Mother-child relationship, mother-to-child relationship.
        Then the people who ate melons asked: How large is Dayu in Guangzhou?
        A: According to official information, from January to August this year, it realized 237 million yuan in business income and 31.25 million yuan in net profit. Judging from this, its revenue scale is about 300 million yuan, which can rank around 28th in the waterproofing industry.
        People who eat melon also ask: Guangzhou Dayu's revenue in 2017 is about 184 million yuan, and its net profit is 4.53 million yuan; why did the revenue in January-August 2018 reach 237 million yuan, while its net profit soared to 31.25 million yuan?
        Answer: This question... Look, it's a lovely day today.
        On December 4, Sankeshu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was registered in Minhang District, Shanghai. Before and after the Spring Festival, the waterproofing department will officially move to Hongqiao Vanke Center.
        At that time, Sichuan Qionglai and Anhui Mingguang Waterproof Material Base will be put into operation in the first phase. With Qingyuan and Xiaogan bases in Guangzhou Dayu, next year, four waterproof material bases will be parallel for the three trees.
        In 2019, three trees and two waterproof material bases in Boye, Hebei Province and Putian, Fujian Province will be built one after another.
        After listening to the floor sounds for a long time, people come down. The crosser finally jumped in with two feet.
        So, are the waterproof powers pretending to be noble, or are the three trees blindly optimistic?
        The curtain has slowly opened, the people eat melons and sit on small benches to enjoy the theatre.
        Oriental Rainbow: Taking Retreat as Progress
        On October 31, Dongfang Rainbow issued an organizational change announcement. It is rumored that more than 1,000 employees will be laid off before the year 2000 (a large part of which belongs to the direct business department as a partner).
        The upgrading of engineering channel specifications unifies the waterproof business, and also shoulders the sales responsibility of other diversified products except woven fabrics.
        In his Nov. 9 article, Dayin argued that the upgrade of the canal meant a redefinition of Oriental Rainbow Diversity.
        On the premise of a long front, less than expected results and tight funds, this is obviously a rational way to retreat into progress. To this end, the stock market has also made a positive response.
        It is understood that Tianding Feng has increased the marketing efforts of waterproofing enterprises, so that waterproofing enterprises are inexplicably surprised that not only "price is easy to negotiate", but also "account period is easy to negotiate".
        In this regard, Dayin believes that this new trend means the approaching of Tianding Feng IPO.
        It is speculated that the internal self-use rate of rainbow has been reduced from above 80% to about 50% of the non-woven fabrics produced by Tiandingfeng. It can be imagined that if further reduced to 30% line or below, it means that the "related party transactions" torture of its listing will no longer exist, and listing will become inevitable.
        From the current relatively objective analysis articles, it seems that China's economic situation in 2019 is not very optimistic.
        So, De Aiwei paint, Woniushan thermal insulation and Huasha, who will unfortunately become chicken ribs?
        Zhuo Bao:
        Zhuo Bao: Three things, or a bad time?
        From the 1st stop of Kunming on August 10, Mr. Zou, chairman of Zhuobao, started the national tour of the 2008 Waterproof Industry Wealth Forum.
        At present, it has reached the 31st station (Lanzhou, December 2).
        In 112 days, more than 30 cities, I'm afraid, have also created a travel record of the top ten waterproof business owners.
        What is it like to be so diligent?
        It is said that Zhuo Bao is preparing to submit his application for the third meeting.
        Since 2011, Carbury, Exhibition Coatings, Three Trees Coatings, Meadows and other coatings companies have launched their listing plans. Who can become the first listed private coatings company has once attracted great attention in the industry.
        Sankeshu Coatings Co., Ltd. was founded on September 27, 2007. After two failed IPO reviews, Sankeshu Coatings finally landed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange on June 3, 2016, and became the first to hit the market.
        So, Zhuo Bao will be like three tree paints, but three things?
        The article is reproduced from Weixin Public Number: Mr. Dayin Shui


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